Company Recycling Program Includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Ink and toner
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Electronics

We recycled 31 tons of plastic last year! That is: 

  • 178,994 Kilowatts of electricity saved
  • 505 barrels of oil saved
  • 930 cubic feet of landfill space saved
  • Over 3 Billion BTU’s saved

We recycled 112 tons of paper last year! That is: 

  • 1,904 mature trees saved
  • 42,560 gallons of oil saved
  • 336 cubic feet of landfill save saved
  • 448,000 kilowatts of electricity saved
  • 784,000 gallons of water saved

Kohl is Energy Efficient:

In one year, Kohl Wholesale re-uses 35,000 pallets as part of our pallet pool program.

By utilizing our underground warehouse, Kohl conserves an estimated 65 percent of electricity annually than in a comparable surface warehouse.

Energy Efficient Lighting- Kohl utilized Ameren’s “Act on Energy” incentive to replace all inefficient lights in our office and warehouse. We also utilized LED lights throughout our underground warehouse facility.

Fleet Compliance Practices:

Kohl Wholesale’s tractors and trailers comply with federal and state emission standards. Our equipment is also regularly maintained to reduce its impact on air quality.

Kohl pursues back haul opportunities daily to reduce miles driven and our overall carbon footprint. Kohl completed more than 4,500 back hauls in one year.

Our new routing software increases our route efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. Kohl drivers have reduced long idle averages by more than 50 percent voluntarily since they became aware of their fuel consumption.